The beginning of the Annotated Reading List for Professional Learning

Yahoo!  It is serendipitous that, on the day I was searching for a beautiful online version of Black and Wiliam’s seminal “Inside the Black Box”, I am catching up on some of my blogging and there is the follow up article to the one I really want posted as a link in a timely blog post by Chris Wejr, principal of an elementary school in the Fraser Valley.  Almost the same, so I thought it would be timely to start that Annotated Reading List with the close to the perfect article!

You can read Chris’s full post here titled Do you coach or do you judge? It’s a great post to get some of your teacher and administrative learners thinking about what they do in their own classrooms and schools.

For now, here is the link to Black and Wiliam’s article “Working Inside the Black Box”.  Do not, for a moment, be discouraged that you are reading an article that seems “old”.  Rather, think that education moves slowly and purposefully and that the tipping point is here.  Jump in and read: feedback is imparative, a focus on LEARNING essential, and school policies need to be reconsidered.  Where are you in this shift?

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